What to know in your 20’s…

After forever and a day, I’m back bi****s!!!! *dramatic hair flip* And it’s my birthday to boot so happy birthday to me! 🙂

I’ve finally reached the big -two-oh- and as my friend put it, I’m two decades old now! Other than the existential crisis I’m going through due to the realization of this fact, though, I’m doing fine…sort of.

20 KID

So today I thought I’d give some advice to people turning twenty and how their lives will change (not) due to the inevitable turning of the clock. There exist a billion and one of these articles and I decided to give the world my own two cents. So whether your 20+ or still haven’t reached this (supposed) milestone, please read on…

On being responsible

OK, so let’s just be honest. If you were an immature baby last night at 11:59pm, trust you me, that’s not going to change once the clock strikes 12:00am on the day of your 20th birthday. As you blow out those 20 birthday candles, you ain’t also blowing away your baby-self. It’s still there! You actually have to make a conscious decision to change, or NOT to change like me 🙂 FYI I’m going to officially be telling everyone I’m 18 so…Plus I actually look 15/16 so it’s not such a big deal *big smile*

On relationships

Your barely existent not-worth-mentioning love life is going to remain just as it is. So sorry to say…OK, I’m not, not really. But it’s the harsh truth and I’m a realist -_-. Don’t be deceived that some wondrous prince is going to come and sweep you off your feet. He’s not. Because technically speaking there are only 26 countries left in the world with actual monarchies and of the ‘princes’ who exist, i.e. the sons of the king and not brothers/uncles etc of the king, none of them know you exist and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll EVER know you exist sooo…*deep breath* Yeah, anyway, the point is this area of your life is ALSO not going to change overnight. So just chillax. Learn how to cook and become less women-empowerment-y *ducks to avoid rotten eggs* These things will actually help you. Yes, even the last one, you’ll realize. It’s a fact that at some point he’ll get tired of hearing about it. Especially if he’s the macho type that most women, including you (but excluding me), want. Jussayin’

On career

Don’t kid yourself here. Mot of us will not end up working in the line of work we’re studying for so just take it easy. Be open minded. In fact, statistically speaking, most of us will end up as business men/women. However, unless you’re Justin Beiber, your success won’t happen over night. So now that you can sing/have a start-up/rap/DJ stop bragging to everyone who is willing to listen about how you’ll still remember them when you’re famous in Hollywood. Riiiight…because we totally believe that. Not.

On articles about “What to know in your 20’s’

Avoid them like the plague!!! Just do what you want with your life. Our ancestors didn’t have them and they seemed to turn out just fine. They tell you obvious things anyway like how you should network, read a lot, build meaningful relationships, eat well, take care of your body etc. As if you didn’t already know that! Don’t be fooled. Even the person who wrote that didn’t do many of those things. They set an impossible standard. Sometimes you just want to pig out on the most unhealthy food and date the guy you know is completely wrong for you. Just do it. It’s never that serious. Unless of course he’s actually a raving lunatic who murders you in your sleep. In which case you should utterly disregard this article and CARE A LOT. But I digress.


The point I’m trying to make is, just chill and take life easy. Age is but a number and as much as I’m saying I’ll be telling people I’m 18, I’m not ashamed of my age really. Like seriously, wharevs. There are bigger things to worry about.


You did, didn’t you.


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