So, funny story.

Before I started blogging, all I knew is, its a thing I wanted to do. Period. I didn’t know too much about what I wanted to write, or how I wanted it to look. So I had to start from the start.

One of the things I hate most about writing (why am I doing it then?) is coming up with titles for things. I suck at it. In fact, I took 4 days longer than I should have just to come up with the title of this update, and as I write this, I still don’t have a title, but I thought, ‘Oh what the heck, it’ll come to me. Hopefully.’ Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Yeah, I suck at titling things and the biggest decision I had to make in order to start a blog is the blog’s name of course. It had to be unique enough that if anyone said it, that’d be the only thing to think of, so names like ‘cosmic convergence’ and ‘undercover rockstar’ where thrown out the window. Those were actual considerations, by the way. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either. Thank God some kind souls talked me out of them.

But knowing names like ‘cosmic convergence’ and ‘undercover rockstar’ are less than unique and appealing didn’t help me come up with one that was.

Then the ‘Eureka!’ moment came in the most unexpected way.

I had set the debut for my blog to be January 1st 2015, nice and dramatic…

OK, more like I have intense memory problems and I just wanted an easy date to remember. *shifts awkwardly from foot to foot*

Anywho, for the Christmas holiday of 2014, my mum and I visited some family friends who live at the coast. We were staying at their house for about a week. It was awesome time to chill, breathe in water rather than drink it and not be around young people who want to explore and be generally active from dusk till dusk. Instead I got a lot of reading done (bite me). Started and finished the Divergent series.

Tris dies at the end.

No apologies for the spoiler, in case you’re wondering, otherwise I would have edited it out, obviously. Actually I’m evilly laughing in your face. In my head.

In that one week, I had to think of a name for the blog and it turned out to be easier than I thought. Under a pile of equally boring, possibly never-read-before and dusty books in their sitting room, was one really red one. That’s what I remember most about it. It was medium sized, too. Not too big or anything. However, my eyes landed on one thing. It’s name, written in big block letters: The Big Short.

End of story, I think you can fill in the rest from there.

Until recently when my world came crashing down. Well, not really, but it sounds better that way. A once unknown un-cared-about book became a Hollywood blockbuster with literally ALL big name actors you can think about in it. Former Batman, former guy from the Notebook, former Mr. Smith, former leader of the Minions. I mean, c’mon!!!

It may or may not please you to know that before this monstrosity of a motion picture took to the screens, my blog name was literally the first thing that came up when you searched ‘thebigshort’. Not even the damn book! Only for me to be unexpectedly steamrolled by the biggest brain washer of men and women of all races. Until the invention of Facebook, of course. I’m talking about Hollywood, by the way.

So that, ladies and gents is the story of my subtle but quite interesting rise and swift, brutal fall.

But was I going to remain downtrodden by unfair forces of the universe? No way! In the wise words of Gloria Gaynor,

I will survive.

And so I’ve renamed my blog to something that cannot and (by God) will not be overridden by something bigger of a similar name.

Let it be so.


New colour scheme and everything. And new theme! (it’s an addiction now honestly)

It’s pronounced Soila, just a different spelling to distinguish me from all the other Soilas out there (Cheers!)

Oh wait,now I have to go and change my name on all my social media.

Crap. Hadn’t thought of that.



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