(R)Wanderer Diaries: Things to do on a 1 day trip to Karongi (West)


This is the second last installment of this series. Hope you enjoy!


On my trip to Rwanda, I was only able to have a total of one day in Karongi, located in the Western province as the rest of the time was spent traveling. However, it definitely wasn’t a wasted trip. In that time, my friends and I were able to visit two places:

  1. Museum of Environment

Located a few minutes from Karongi city centre, the museum opened in 2015 and is the only one of its kind on the continent. It lives up to its name, with a pristine green compound teeming with all sorts of plants and trees, all carefully selected, both for decoration and for their medicinal purposes. To top it all off, the entire building is strategically positioned on the shores of Lake Kivu, and from the roof, once can see the sun reflect on the calm waters. It makes for a perfect photo-taking session with friends. The whole tour costs 1000RWF, however, one is not allowed to take pictures inside the museum itself, only outside and in the reception area.

Inside the museum is a lesson on geography, history, environmental science etc. It is an information hub presented in three languages (Kinyarwanda, French and English) on energy sources on earth and how human beings should use them while still conserving the environment. The study is not confined to Rwanda, but draws examples from all over the world.

On the rooftop is a garden with a variety of exhibitions of traditional medicinal plants, all neatly labelled with the scientific name, local name and its uses. The guide is friendly and will answer any questions you might have about all the things on display. The traffic is slow so you will probably have the museum to yourself when you visit.


Guide explaining uses of plants on roof garden, Museum of Environment, Karongi – Photo credits: Soila Kenya


Museum of Environment, Karongi – Photo credits: Soila Kenya

  1. Lake Kivu – 15 islands

Another trip to The Lake. But it is well worth it as from this point, one is able to take a boat ride for 10,000RWF per hour and visit the islands littered around the lake.

This is an activity best done with friends as there are many opportunities to take photos. The views are spectacular as you can see numerous hills in the distance and the lake extends beyond where your eyes can follow.

The boat makes stop-overs at some of the islands, depending on how many hours you are able to pay for. Examples include Napoleon island which is a bird watching site and we got to see bats circling around at 12 noon. The island is in the shape of a mound and takes a bit of work to walk up. However, its white shores are magnificently beautiful as the moss and algae gather where the land meets the water to create a green ring around the shore.

Another island is Monkey island where we got a glimpse of a rare, newly discovered breed of monkey called the Lesula monkey. It is only the second new species of monkey to be discovered in Africa in the last 28 years. Its unique feature is its brilliant blue testicles, noticeable from a distance. It came to our boat with the promise of bananas from the guide then quickly ate and scurried away.

The last island we docked at was Peace island which used to have a bar that was closed down by the government. The trees at its shore make for a brilliant canopy to take pictures.

The whole journey is a very calming experience as one can doze while the boat steadily moves through the waters.


Fresh waters of Lake Kivu, Karongi – Photo credits: Minnie Gitonga


Lesula Monkey on the shores of Monkey island on Lake Kivu, Karongi – Photo credits: Soila Kenya


On a boat visiting the 15 islands on Lake Kivu, Karongi – Photo credits: Minnie Gitonga


View from top of Napoleon island, Lake Kivu, Karongi – Photo credits: Soila Kenya

Catch my last piece on Kigali city in the Involvement Newspaper.

This marks the end of the series 😀


(R)Wandarer Diaries: 5 must-see places in Musanze (North)


Let the journey continue. To the North we go!

Musanze is a cosy agricultural town in the Northern part of Rwanda. Compared to Kigali, life is more relaxed and the inhabitants of the town are friendly and accommodating. Things are cheaper, especially food and one can tour the town, even on a small budget. The best forms of transport which are all affordable are motorcycles, minivans and bicycles, which are fun to take, especially if you’re in a group. The weather can get chillingly cold at night, though, and it is advisable to travel with a couple of heavy jumpers or sweaters.

Out of the several scenic places to visit within the town and its outskirts, these are the 5 must-see places:

  1. Lake Kivu

You haven’t seen Rwanda if you haven’t gone to Lake Kivu. From Musanze, you must take a 1 hour bus ride to Rubavu City for about 1500RWF. The public beach is easily accessible in Serena Hotel, Lake Kivu Beach where entry is free. The view of the Lake is best seen at sunset or sunrise but one can go at any time. Boat rides are also available for a reasonable price (about 1500RWF). On the Lake, you will get to see small islands that litter the lake. Also, if you don’t have a camera or want a professional one taken, there are photographers who can take you pictures and even print them for you for about 800RWF per picture. The sea breeze is relaxing and if you can find a quiet spot to rest along the beach, it can prove to be an emotionally stimulating experience.

Lake Kivu at dusk, Rubavu City. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. Congo Border

This is also in Rubavu City and can be seen on the same day you go to the lake. The bustling border is flowing under a constant stream of Congolese crossing over to Rwanda. The difference between the Congolese and Rwandese is distinct, mostly in their dressing style, destroying the notion that Africans all have basically the same cultures. When allowed through to go see the border itself (it is advised to go with a Rwandese who knows the area), you can see the gate that separates Congo from Rwanda and stand in the no-man’s-land between the two countries. It’s quite a sobering experience to see how different the two countries are, even at their borders. The border security is tight, though and you might not be allowed to take pictures.

Suzan Kinyanjui in front of the Congo Border. Photo Credits: Alvin Ngugi
  1. Rubindi River

This is a great chance to witness the domestic life in Musanze. It is located in Byangabo Centre and is a short walk off the main road. One can see the locals as they plant various agricultural products such as sorghum and dry them in the sun. The river snakes through various settlements where the farmers take full advantage of it. The area is rocky, making it necessary for them to gather the volcanic soil form surrounding areas and pack it onto rocks so they can plant. There is also a natural spring that bubbles up from the ground and is used as drinking water. The river ends in an unseen underground waterfall that can be heard if you stand near it. Lots of legends and myths surround this wonderful phenomenon.



River Rubindi. Photo Credits: Soila Kenya
Natural Spring near Rubindi River. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. Caves

For those more daring, visiting the various caves available at these caves are a great delight as you enter the pitch blackness with torches and find your way among the slippery muck to the other side. Children in the area are willing to guide you for a small fee (about 100RWF depending on how many help you). The cave varies between wide echoing caverns to narrow barely-there spaces that you have to squeeze through. It takes about 10 minutes to traverse the whole cave and the pictures you can take are well-worth the trip.

A couple of friends in one of the caves. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. Hot Springs Massage

These are located near Lake Kivu (but in a different section from the beach). It costs 500RWF for East African members to enter. The natural hot spring bubbles up near the lake and the masseuses use it to give customers an herbal massage for 1500RWF. It lasts about 15mins and by the time they’re through with you, your legs and feet feel amazingly refreshed. Also included in the treatment is a foot mud bath where they encase your feet in hot mud for 5mins. It’s great fun, especially with friends.

There are lots more places to visit in Musanze such as the volcanoes etc, and if you have time you can explore more places.

Daphne Bochaberi enjoying a foot mud bath at the side of Lake Kivu. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
Suzan Kinyanjui at the hot springs

Join me next week for a trip to the West!


(R)Wanderer Diaries: 8 things to do in Huye (South)

Guess who visited the land of 1000 hills? img_20170105_114834

I did!!

Through AIESEC. I was there for 5 weeks and I had an amazing experience I would like to share with you all in a series of blog posts. I was doing a project called Explore Rwanda which included traveling around the country and documenting the beauty of Rwanda through articles, videos and pictures. So because of that, the format of the posts will be more like a guide for people interested in traveling to the country who’d like to tour. I try give prices and locations of the places I talk about in the hopes it will be beneficial to you all.

We start off with a trip to the South!

8 things to do in Huye (South)

Huye is a town located in the southern part of Rwanda and is a traveler’s paradise. It has lots of tourist attractions, both conventional and unconventional. Most of them can be seen within 3-4 days and most of them are located within the town itself. The weather is moderately hot, but perfect for traveling around.

  1. Ethnographic Museum

The museum, located near the Huye bus park, contains the culture of Rwanda from the pre-colonial era to the current age. For a fee of 1000RWF for East African Students or 3000RWF for East African residents, you are provided with a guide to take you through the museum, however, pictures are not allowed.

You get to see Rwandese musical instruments, weaponry, alcohol brewery, basketry and much more. There are several replicas of ancient tools used such as umbrellas, boats and smoking pipes. There is also a room with a replica of a traditional Rwandese hut that you are allowed to enter. The entire tour takes about one hour and is well worth your time, especially for any history buffs.

Outside the Ethnographic Museum. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. Huye Stadium

The stadium is located very near the museum. If you are lucky to get inside, you can take pictures on the track and of the stands. It’s especially fun to do with friends. The best time would be to get them when a game is ongoing.

On the tracks at the Huye Stadium. Photo credits: Minnie Gitonga
  1. University of Rwanda Arboretum

The university is located in the centre of town and requires an ID to enter. From the main entrance, the arboretum is a stone’s throw away. You can take a leisurely walk through the forest.

My friends and I inside the arboretum. Photo credits: Daphne Bochaberi
  1. Cathedral

The cathedral is the oldest one in Rwanda and still hosts church services. It is an awesome site for photographers as the numerous towers majestically jut into the sky. It’s best visited at dusk or dawn for the added dramatic effect of the sun’s rays.

Cathedral Huye at dusk. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. Huye Mountain Coffee

Among all these touristic locations, this is the most fun – but it involves hiking. The tour consists of a walk up Tale hill where there are large plantations of Arabica coffee. You get the full history of coffee, first in the world, and then in Rwanda. Actually, at the end of it all, you may consider yourself a sort of rookie coffee expert. The steep hill might prove tiresome but is worth it in the end. Once on top, you can roast your own coffee beans that will be ground and packed for you to take home. The friendly guide, nicknamed ‘Mr.Coffee’ makes the whole experience ten times better with his friendly personality. When you get back down the hill, you are served with the freshest blend of coffee that you can drink to your fill. The whole tour costs 8000RWF for East African students.

Roasting coffee with ‘Mr. Coffee’ on Tale Hill. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. King’s Palace Museum

This is one of the collection of museums found in Rwanda, located in Nyanza, a 45-minute bus ride from Huye. It focuses on the history of Rwandese royalty, from their dress to their dwellings and to the traditions surrounding their existence. The tour consists of first seeing the traditional abode of a King – the museum has a replica of this traditional hut. You get to see the interior whilst being given an explanation of the King’s courtly duties and how he was treated by the community. The next part of the tour is another walk round a replica of the modern house that the last King of Rwanda lived in before Belgium occupation of the country. The whole tour costs 1000RWF for East African students and 2000RWF to take pictures.

My friends and I in front of a traditional King’s hut in the King’s Palace Museum. Photo credits: Tour guide
  1. Murambi Memorial

This is one of the more graphic genocide memorials in the country. It is located in Nyamagabe, which is about 30 minutes from Huye. It is located in a compound that was meant to become a technical college, and was still under construction. However, what happened instead was a dark and haunting tale. 50,000 unsuspecting Rwandese were rounded up there under pretense of protection but were instead brutally slaughtered en masse and buried in the compound in mass graves where volley ball fields were built on to try and cover up the atrocities that took place there. Bodies preserved in lime are put on display in some of the would-be class rooms as physical evidence of the lives lost on that fateful night. Visitors are allowed to leave messages on a board in the museum in condolence with the victims and their families. The whole experience is jarring and brings the genocide into stark relief, especially for outsiders, but is not for the faint-hearted.

Front view of Murambi Memorial. Photo credits: Soila Kenya
  1. Inzozi Nziza

The name means ‘Sweet Dreams’ in Kinyarwanda. This is an ice cream parlour located within Huye town, a stone’s throw away from the university. At affordable rates one can be served a variety of ice creams with different toppings. They also have other beverages and munchies, all served with extremely friendly service. It proved a nice way to wind down after a full day of touring.

Ice cream at Inzozi Nziza. Photo credits: Soila Kenya

That’s it for this post. Please look forward to the next installment next week where we’ll be going up North!


What to know in your 20’s…

After forever and a day, I’m back bi****s!!!! *dramatic hair flip* And it’s my birthday to boot so happy birthday to me! 🙂

I’ve finally reached the big -two-oh- and as my friend put it, I’m two decades old now! Other than the existential crisis I’m going through due to the realization of this fact, though, I’m doing fine…sort of.

20 KID

So today I thought I’d give some advice to people turning twenty and how their lives will change (not) due to the inevitable turning of the clock. There exist a billion and one of these articles and I decided to give the world my own two cents. So whether your 20+ or still haven’t reached this (supposed) milestone, please read on…

On being responsible

OK, so let’s just be honest. If you were an immature baby last night at 11:59pm, trust you me, that’s not going to change once the clock strikes 12:00am on the day of your 20th birthday. As you blow out those 20 birthday candles, you ain’t also blowing away your baby-self. It’s still there! You actually have to make a conscious decision to change, or NOT to change like me 🙂 FYI I’m going to officially be telling everyone I’m 18 so…Plus I actually look 15/16 so it’s not such a big deal *big smile*

On relationships

Your barely existent not-worth-mentioning love life is going to remain just as it is. So sorry to say…OK, I’m not, not really. But it’s the harsh truth and I’m a realist -_-. Don’t be deceived that some wondrous prince is going to come and sweep you off your feet. He’s not. Because technically speaking there are only 26 countries left in the world with actual monarchies and of the ‘princes’ who exist, i.e. the sons of the king and not brothers/uncles etc of the king, none of them know you exist and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll EVER know you exist sooo…*deep breath* Yeah, anyway, the point is this area of your life is ALSO not going to change overnight. So just chillax. Learn how to cook and become less women-empowerment-y *ducks to avoid rotten eggs* These things will actually help you. Yes, even the last one, you’ll realize. It’s a fact that at some point he’ll get tired of hearing about it. Especially if he’s the macho type that most women, including you (but excluding me), want. Jussayin’

On career

Don’t kid yourself here. Mot of us will not end up working in the line of work we’re studying for so just take it easy. Be open minded. In fact, statistically speaking, most of us will end up as business men/women. However, unless you’re Justin Beiber, your success won’t happen over night. So now that you can sing/have a start-up/rap/DJ stop bragging to everyone who is willing to listen about how you’ll still remember them when you’re famous in Hollywood. Riiiight…because we totally believe that. Not.

On articles about “What to know in your 20’s’

Avoid them like the plague!!! Just do what you want with your life. Our ancestors didn’t have them and they seemed to turn out just fine. They tell you obvious things anyway like how you should network, read a lot, build meaningful relationships, eat well, take care of your body etc. As if you didn’t already know that! Don’t be fooled. Even the person who wrote that didn’t do many of those things. They set an impossible standard. Sometimes you just want to pig out on the most unhealthy food and date the guy you know is completely wrong for you. Just do it. It’s never that serious. Unless of course he’s actually a raving lunatic who murders you in your sleep. In which case you should utterly disregard this article and CARE A LOT. But I digress.


The point I’m trying to make is, just chill and take life easy. Age is but a number and as much as I’m saying I’ll be telling people I’m 18, I’m not ashamed of my age really. Like seriously, wharevs. There are bigger things to worry about.


You did, didn’t you.


So, funny story.

Before I started blogging, all I knew is, its a thing I wanted to do. Period. I didn’t know too much about what I wanted to write, or how I wanted it to look. So I had to start from the start.

One of the things I hate most about writing (why am I doing it then?) is coming up with titles for things. I suck at it. In fact, I took 4 days longer than I should have just to come up with the title of this update, and as I write this, I still don’t have a title, but I thought, ‘Oh what the heck, it’ll come to me. Hopefully.’ Anyway, back to what I was saying.

Yeah, I suck at titling things and the biggest decision I had to make in order to start a blog is the blog’s name of course. It had to be unique enough that if anyone said it, that’d be the only thing to think of, so names like ‘cosmic convergence’ and ‘undercover rockstar’ where thrown out the window. Those were actual considerations, by the way. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either. Thank God some kind souls talked me out of them.

But knowing names like ‘cosmic convergence’ and ‘undercover rockstar’ are less than unique and appealing didn’t help me come up with one that was.

Then the ‘Eureka!’ moment came in the most unexpected way.

I had set the debut for my blog to be January 1st 2015, nice and dramatic…

OK, more like I have intense memory problems and I just wanted an easy date to remember. *shifts awkwardly from foot to foot*

Anywho, for the Christmas holiday of 2014, my mum and I visited some family friends who live at the coast. We were staying at their house for about a week. It was awesome time to chill, breathe in water rather than drink it and not be around young people who want to explore and be generally active from dusk till dusk. Instead I got a lot of reading done (bite me). Started and finished the Divergent series.

Tris dies at the end.

No apologies for the spoiler, in case you’re wondering, otherwise I would have edited it out, obviously. Actually I’m evilly laughing in your face. In my head.

In that one week, I had to think of a name for the blog and it turned out to be easier than I thought. Under a pile of equally boring, possibly never-read-before and dusty books in their sitting room, was one really red one. That’s what I remember most about it. It was medium sized, too. Not too big or anything. However, my eyes landed on one thing. It’s name, written in big block letters: The Big Short.

End of story, I think you can fill in the rest from there.

Until recently when my world came crashing down. Well, not really, but it sounds better that way. A once unknown un-cared-about book became a Hollywood blockbuster with literally ALL big name actors you can think about in it. Former Batman, former guy from the Notebook, former Mr. Smith, former leader of the Minions. I mean, c’mon!!!

It may or may not please you to know that before this monstrosity of a motion picture took to the screens, my blog name was literally the first thing that came up when you searched ‘thebigshort’. Not even the damn book! Only for me to be unexpectedly steamrolled by the biggest brain washer of men and women of all races. Until the invention of Facebook, of course. I’m talking about Hollywood, by the way.

So that, ladies and gents is the story of my subtle but quite interesting rise and swift, brutal fall.

But was I going to remain downtrodden by unfair forces of the universe? No way! In the wise words of Gloria Gaynor,

I will survive.

And so I’ve renamed my blog to something that cannot and (by God) will not be overridden by something bigger of a similar name.

Let it be so.


New colour scheme and everything. And new theme! (it’s an addiction now honestly)

It’s pronounced Soila, just a different spelling to distinguish me from all the other Soilas out there (Cheers!)

Oh wait,now I have to go and change my name on all my social media.

Crap. Hadn’t thought of that.


‘Tis the season


Mabel hated Christmas.

She’d stopped seeing the point of the holiday quite some time ago, when she was still a child who believed in Santa Claus. Perhaps living on her own had somewhat jaded her to the whole affair. Christmas tended to be a family holiday celebrated together; a time to bond and look back on the successes of the ending year.

But she had no one left.

And as she lounged on the couch now with a glass of diluted orange juice (she didn’t drink alcohol, the internet had scared her too much with pictures of cirrhosis-infected livers), she couldn’t  help but feel the gaping hole in her heart left by the missing people in her life. But she wasn’t really one to wallow in despair. Her mother had always told her to deal with the hand life dished out at her and not wish for another. “There’s always someone out there who’s worse off,” her mom would tell her when she was feeling down. But for the life of her, Mabel couldn’t imagine how. Not right at this moment anyway.

Realizing she was slipping into an abyss of gloom and despair, Mabel fished around for the remote until her hand bumped into it. She switched on the telly and flipped channels until she found something that was tolerable. National Geographic. Well, it wasn’t so bad, she’d always loved nature and photography after all. Plus at least it wasn’t another scintillating episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Anything but that. And she was definitely not up for all the cheesy Christmass-y shows that were airing at this time of the year. She’d actually take Kim and Kanye over any of that.

However, it took only ten minutes for Mabel to realize that she wasn’t paying attention to whatever was going on in front of her. Just a bunch of colourful pictures passing over the screen, but her brain wasn’t making any connection.

She switched it off. It wasn’t helping apparently. It had been sometime since she’d been in such a funk. Huh, and on Christmas day no less. She cracked a smile at that. She gulped down the rest of her juice and stood up. Maybe moving around a little would help.

She headed into the kitchen to clean her empty glass but ended up doing much more. Dishes, counter-tops, cupboards; all were squeaky clean and shining by the time she was done. If she’d known all it took for her to keep a clean house was to be depressed, she would have done it sooner. But that was such a morbid thought and kind of sad.

Like a ghost, she wandered out of the kitchen searching for something else to distract her but everything else in the house seemed to be in order.

Eventually she ended up by the window and looked out. It was a sunny day, though it had drizzled a little earlier on in the morning. She idly thought that if she lived in the Northern tropics her driveway would possibly be covered with a sparkling blanket of whiter than white snow. But she didn’t really care for the cold so maybe she wouldn’t have liked it so much in the long run.

It was an infinite amount of time she spent standing there by the window, looking at nothing in particular. Two minutes, two hours? She couldn’t tell. And what did it matter anyway?

“I’m all alone,” she said, the words leaving her lips in little more than a whisper. She felt that saying them out loud confirmed the fact, or would somehow make it not so anymore. At that moment she considered calling a friend but decided against it. She didn’t want to disturb anyone.

“I’m all alone,” she said once more, this time a little louder. And just as the first tear escaped the barricade of her eyelid and slipped down her cheek, she heard a voice, as clear as a bell on a still summer’s day.

“No you’re not,” it said.

She nearly jumped out of her skin, looking around frantically. Had someone broken into her house? Had she simply heard her own things? Was she finally going insane?

As her eyes roved around her living room, they caught on something that had not been there before. An envelope placed neatly on the stool she had been using for her glass of juice. Cautiously, expecting anything or anyone to jump out at any moment, she approached the mysterious envelope and took it up into her hands. Nothing was written on it. It was just a simple white envelope, nothing special. She quickly opened it and found an equally neatly folded A4 size paper within. Without wasting a moment, she removed it and opened it up.

Whatever she had been expecting, it definitely wasn’t this.

It was the lyrics to the ever famous Christmas Carol, ‘Deck the Halls’. Her favourite. Or rather, her mother’s favourite, and by extension, her own. They used to sing to the radio as they put up the Christmas decorations and when this song came on they would dance around their living room. She was the only child and she had never known her father, so it was always just the two of them. Oh, how she missed her.

The tears came flowing back and one warm drop landed on the paper in her hands. She put her hand to her lips, trying to stop the sobs that were threatening to escape, but they had other plans.

She cried.

The last time she had done so was also a long gone memory. She was usually of the firm belief that crying didn’t solve anything. Oh, how wrong she was. Her tears seemed to have a cathartic effect and when an hour later she was wiping the rest of them away, she felt better. Much better. Even with the snot coming out her nose and the pounding headache slowly taking residence deep within her skull, she felt lighter than ever. Who knew this was what she needed? Even during her mother’s funeral, she didn’t shed a tear. She wasn’t trying to hold them back, they simply had not come. It had been five months since then. She had locked out the rest of the world. Everything seemed to be shaded black, white or grey; no more colour, no more laughter. Her mother had died with those, or so she thought, but now she was starting to see that that wasn’t necessarily the case. We are the masters of our own destinies and she decided from that moment that her world didn’t have to be a cold, dry wasteland any longer.

Mabel vowed to change, for the better.

And as she went to bed she snuggled down into the covers secure in the fact that this coming year would bring good fortune, just like the mysterious letter which she had decided not to question too deeply.

It was just part of the miracle of Christmas, after all.


I’m back! And just in time for Christmas. This behemoth of a story ended up being way longer than intended. And to think I wanted to add the actual lyrics of ‘Deck the halls’. But oh well. All the better, I guess.

The WordPress dictionary didn’t recognize the name ‘Kardashian’ or ‘Kanye’. I was truly, truly surprised. Shame on them.

The picture at the beginning has nothing to do with anything. I just liked it and decided to add it in. And yes, it’s me holding a flower. Who’da thunk?

Anyway, so Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to be the cliché happy time of the year, it can also be kinda sad and solemn, I suppose. But that’s OK too, as long as there’s healing in the end.

Merry Christmas.



Writing prompt: Your spelling is crap.

Image result for spelling


So I’ve been thinking about this writing thing recently, you know trying to figure it out and all and it suddenly hit me; writing isn’t about talent at all, it’s about skill. What’s the difference, you ask?

Well, sure it takes a creative person to think up a good enough story line, you know the type-filled with plot twists, makes you cry, makes you laugh, makes you fall in love with the villain—okay, maybe that’s just me but anyway.

Creativity can’t really be considered a talent. Moreover, having that creativity isn’t all writing a book is about. Putting thoughts down on paper, that’s what distinguishes one author from another.

With this epiphany also came the realization that just like any other skill, writing can be taught and honed into something fierce. It’s all about dedication and determination or more importantly, just shut up and write. As much as you can. That’s the only way to make a difference. Besides, being an author, I think, is the ability to say something in one hundred and fifty words what someone else would have said in twenty. For example, let’s use the sunrise since that’s what most people like going on and on about.

Person 1
I sat on the balcony and watched the sunrise. (Ok, I know that’s kind of rough around the edges even for non-writers but give me a break. I’m trying to make a point here.)

Person 2
I perched lightly on the balcony and watched as the white ethereal glow of the moonlight slowly but surely gave way to the piercing rays of the giant mass of burning gases miles and miles away as it cast a hopeful glow…

Ok, I think you get the point.

So if your spelling is crap, grab a dictionary and do something about it! And don’t forget to keep reading!

These are my words of wisdom for you.

Big Love!